Tenants’ Rights Legal Practice

Sam Beckett
Sam BeckettCo-Directing Attorney
Evelina Nava
Evelina NavaInterim Co-Directing Attorney
Mihaela Gough
Mihaela GoughManaging Attorney
Nirali Beri
Nirali BeriSupervising Attorney
Alejandra Ramirez
Alejandra RamirezSr. Paralegal
Israel Lepiz
Israel LepizSr. Paralegal
Grant Kirkpatrick
Grant KirkpatrickStaff Attorney
Angel Ibarra Nunez
Angel Ibarra NunezPolicy and Compliance Manager
Lynn Phan
Lynn PhanSr. Staff Attorney
Katy Guimond
Katy GuimondResearch & Policy Officer
Adela G. Ortiz
Adela G. OrtizTemp ACHS Client Services Coordinator
David Hall
David HallManaging Attorney
Emily Bao
Emily BaoSr. Staff Attorney
M.C. Linthicum
M.C. LinthicumStaff Attorney
Noel Munger
Noel MungerSr. Paralegal
Michelle Queirolo
Michelle QueiroloSupervising Attorney
Clarisa Mares
Clarisa MaresIntake Coordinator
Karen Hernandez
Karen HernandezSr.Paralegal
Stephanie Cuevas
Stephanie CuevasIntake Coordinator
Karina Mora
Karina MoraSupervising Attorney
Lorena Luna
Lorena LunaSr. Paralegal
Ann Marie Ramos
Ann Marie RamosProgram Manager
Eduardo Colon
Eduardo ColonSr. Outreach Coordinator
Alexis Payne
Alexis PayneSr. Staff Attorney
Paola Hernandez
Paola HernandezACHS Project Supervisor
Andrea Martinez
Andrea MartinezParalegal
Sarah Hart
Sarah HartLaw Fellow/ Staff Attorney

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